Art & sculpture

The owl family

The owl family was made from waste materials like toilet roll tubes and used cupcake cases. I used some dry creepers and leaves from the garden to make their nest. This was a class project that I made in one afternoon.

My Owl Family won the runner up prize for the Royal Society for Protection of Birds’ Wild Art 2021 competition.

The Rainbow Fairy

The rainbow fairy

During lockdown I started making my first clay sculptures. I made 3 things, a fairy, a snake and a mushroom. When I started colouring them, I thought of a story to tell.

Once upon a time in a magical forest came the yellow snake that frightened everyone with its poisonous fangs. Everyone had to hide to stay away from the snake. But then, a Rainbow fairy came along and turned the poisonous snake into a spotty mushroom to save everyone. I wanted to make this rainbow fairy to thank all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and scientists who have helped make the vaccine for the virus. With a twitch of her nose and the wave of her wand the fairy turned the snake into a mushroom just like the scientists and doctors who made the vaccine to save us all.

Boats on the sea

Inspired by the art of Wassily Kandinsky (Composition VIII), this is my vision of boats sailing on the sea.