Microplastic Free 2030

I have been volunteering for the “Microplastic free 2030” campaign since I was 3 years old – that’s me in the red T-shirt :).

This is an awareness campaign run by the Centre for Big Synergy(CBS), a CSO of the UN DESA, and aims to reach over 4.23 million schools and nurseries across the globe to help limit microplastic pollution. It aims at making over 1 billion children (and their families) aware of microplastic pollution and inspire them to combat it. Through the project, children and eventually their families will be inspired to make conscious choices of products and practices, to be able to limit major causes of microplastic pollution by 2030.

What I have done

  • I have assisted in educational sessions conducted by CBS for deprived school children in India.
  • I volunteered to make an awareness video about microplastic pollution, especially for children like me. The video has been used in educational sessions by CBS and have been watched by thousands of children across the world.
  • I also wrote a letter to Santa asking for plastic free gifts for the Plastic Free Christmas 2021 competition to encourage other children in the UK to do the same. This competition too was part of the Microplastic Free 2030 campaign.

What has been achieved

  • I have convinced hundreds of people to combat microplastic pollution. These are my classmates, friends and extended family.
  • Several thousand other children too have been made aware of microplastic pollution and its dangers through my video.
  • Over 24000 schools and colleges in the UK were made aware microplastic pollution and means to combat via the Plastic Free Christmas 2021 competition, as part of the Microplastic Free 2030 campaign.
  • Many of these schools have already started teaching children about microplastic pollution and others are trying to do the same.